Monday, August 16, 2010

My GallStone Operation 13th July 2010

Had a bad suffering on stomoch frequently the latest 3 months and had a serious pain without releaf on the 23rd June though had a jap. At Lam Wah Ee went through for scanning and scopped, finally confirmed there's stone in my gallbladder. It's quite big. All the while thought it was a gastric. Under the scanning result my stomoch was clear of ulcer on scar. Return on 7th July to decide on the operation. Dr advice to remove the gallbladder as the stone is so big as big as 'asam ko'. With some advice and discussion, set to go for an operation. Dr Osman set a date on 12th to be admitted and proceed with the operation on the 13th July 2010. 8.30am was sent to the operation theater...had the operation around 11 something...awake to be back in the ward around 1 something. Had a long slept. Stayed in the ward for 5 days. Discharged on the 16th. July 2010. Was on hospitalization till 11th Aug 2010. On 12th start working.