Monday, August 16, 2010

My GallStone Operation 13th July 2010

Had a bad suffering on stomoch frequently the latest 3 months and had a serious pain without releaf on the 23rd June though had a jap. At Lam Wah Ee went through for scanning and scopped, finally confirmed there's stone in my gallbladder. It's quite big. All the while thought it was a gastric. Under the scanning result my stomoch was clear of ulcer on scar. Return on 7th July to decide on the operation. Dr advice to remove the gallbladder as the stone is so big as big as 'asam ko'. With some advice and discussion, set to go for an operation. Dr Osman set a date on 12th to be admitted and proceed with the operation on the 13th July 2010. 8.30am was sent to the operation theater...had the operation around 11 something...awake to be back in the ward around 1 something. Had a long slept. Stayed in the ward for 5 days. Discharged on the 16th. July 2010. Was on hospitalization till 11th Aug 2010. On 12th start working.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trip to Langkawi 3rd - 5th July 2010

This trip again sponsored by hubby!!!... Cheap flight (Firefly) but balance top-up with high airport tax...equivalent..
Purpose of the trip is to give a chance to those who have not sit in and fly...especially to his grandson Mohamad Syahrin.
The trip is from 3rd (5.30pm) - flight delay...about 45 minutes..flew at 6.15pm... my grandson was shocked on the flight engine...and he non stop cried..from take off continues to landing time...his hand was not off grabbing me tied....reached there around 6.45pm, straight went into Serena..10 our apartment.(apartment NOT that in good condition..especially the toilets - don't bother to snap a photo...)...Had a simple dinner...just nasi goreng..which was quite expensive compared to the taste...average RM5 per plate..(hubby treat ...)
on 4th...without map..we make a move...first stop at..Dataran Helang...then had breakfast... went around the island to Under Water World...enjoy the view ...the ticket is now increased RM28 adult (with mycard) and RM18 for children. Tts a different environment compared to my last visit in year 2003...more animals...including penquin, sealion..and unforgetable moment...took the opportunity to take a photo with a new friend..THE SNAKE... first experience holding the soft silky skin...Gelinya!!!!! Everyone in the area can hear my sweet voice yelling and screaming....
Then off we went to Taman Hidupan the ticket expensive...RM22 adult..RM16 children...had surveyed that inside only shows on birds..and a few local decided not to go in..
Then make a turn to go to Crocodile farm.. Reached there around 1 noon...Ticket not that expensive...RM5 adult...RM2 kids.. Had a chance to see hungry crocodile feeding...see them throwing chicken..some caught..some none...unfair!!..Those didn't get...went back into the pond with empty stomach!!!
Later around 2.30 noon..had our lunch... lunch was just ok ok... Anas treat...
Later we went for window shopping and grabs busket of choclates at Hj Ismail...
Around Asar...we are back at the appartment...Foot and body too tired due to the exhausted hot weather.
Around 5.30am...take the kids to the swimming pool... off they went enjoying themselves...return back around 6.30...
get ready for dinner...
mmmm had a lovely western food..all the chops...chicken chop, lamb chop, oblong....hubby's treat usual hubby will eat rice...nasi goreng daging merah... not that expensive..compared to the first night.
after dinner...we had a last grab ...back at the area of kuah..some bought new bags...NOT me...he he he this round of trip..I control myself... bought only chocholates..and 2 pieces of cheap (50% sale - each around RM18 je...) sute..for my baju kurung...
Had a stop at Effendi's renting house on the way back...
Do the necessary..luggage housekeeping packing...
Sleep early... after putting my grandson to bed...
On 5th July10
Early in the morning 5.30 am woke 7.30am all ready to go the airport...pity the kids...get them ready in their sleep. Reached the airport 10mins before eight...waited our flight is at 9.40am. Get boarding at 9.00am... then flew off back to Penang...Reached around 10.30am... waited for the car...went for our lunch around 11.30am.... reached our destination..around 12.00.noon...
Went back to my home sweet home around 12.30...had a nap..from 1.30 noon till some chocholate unpack and repacking...for distributions.
after maghrib send Shahrin back...he was on fever...took him to clinic...put him to bed...then we're back at home around some clothing unpacking and laundry... off went to bed around 1.30 am...
On 6th July...back to work...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Trip to Yogjakarta 23rd Apr10 - 27th Apr10

This is a birthday treat from my hubby! Thanks dear! A 5 days trip to Yogjakarta on 23rd - 27th Apr10.

arriving at the airport.. Looking at the large area it is!!!
after a night travelling in bus!
then catch a plane in the morning
arrived at 1.45pm - a 2 hr flight!

First stop to have our lunch.... too tired and yet hungry to eat...but the food NOT at our favourable taste!

First visit the batik house. Expensive! only bought a batik bag outside..

then on the way stopped at the ceramic vase shop, admiring the sculpture behind. Entertained by local singer in the bus, which later need to contribute rupiah to them....

Had a horse ride at the beach.

Went up the Gunung Merapi trail.. unforgetable walking up the mountain...

Pity to the local people who went up the mountain just to get the quality grass to feed their animals down mountain.

Went to the Gallery and the muzeum.

And the best part is went to the 1 of the 7 'keajaiban dunia' - the Borobodur. It was drizzling and amazingly managed to climbed up to the top of Borobodur.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's my Birthday!! I'm 46!

Today is my 46th Bday. and being married to Mr Zulkifli Omar, today is the first delivery of bouguet of flower from him. Thx beb!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stay at Paradise Hotel , 27th Mac 2010

Had a one day stay at the Sandybay Paradise Hotel on 27th Mac2010. The kids had a lovely and enjoyable day. They are in the water, till shivered and yet don't want to get out of the water.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Me and my grandson - granddaughters

Snap shots of me with my two grandson and granddaughters.

Muhammad Syahrin

Nur Ummairah

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Hubby and his Grand-daughter

Snap shots of My Hubby with his Grand-daughter: Nur Ummairah