Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hadyai Trip 7th-9th Feb09

Join the Koperasi Pulau Pinang Trip to Hadyai on 7th-9th Feb09.
Enjoyed the shopping at the bazar near by, market. Had chances to see the Pink Lady.. Duyong (Mermaid) Aquarium!! but unfortunate no show that night. Those who knows the story of Duyong will smile... Enjoy eating at the night street hawker stalls...especially the Pulut Durian and Pulut Mampelam... Also had chance to eat the laksam...alot of vege and ulam...but the price is matter how much you add in the vege...but the price is still Bath 25!!! Had experience to see the night moth...doing their night job... wow! the pond's really look like a woman but if you look can differ them!!!.... oh ya..they have a good trafic system timing...lorry cannot enter town area to upload and reload their itenary. Instead small van will upload called tuk the market... at certain hrs the shop lots will be on operation and at certain hr the street hawker will take over... so fair to others... Oh ya... one thing that slack is the wiring...not neat...see photo..